Tracking systems

As part of my PhD thesis at de Polavieja Lab, I have developed two videotracking systems:


Using a very sensitive recognition algorithm, idTracker distinguishes each individual in each frame. It can therefore maintain its identity during the whole video, regardless of the complexity of the crossings with other individuals, and even if it temporarily disappears from view.

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Main features of idTracker:

Related publication:

A. Pérez-Escudero, J. Vicente-Page, R.C. Hinz, S. Arganda, G.G. de Polavieja (2013) idTracker: Tracking individuals in a group by automatic identification of unmarked animals (submitted)

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This software follows isolated individuals in wells. It can analyze many wells simultaneously and with low resolution and low contrast between animals and background. It auto-detects circular wells in the video.

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