Open lab book

An open lab book is just the ordinary lab-book, only in digital format and on-line. It has a lot of advantages over the traditional one:

There are many ways to keep an electronic lab book. Unfortunately, most of them require a great deal of discipline and organization on your side. But there is a simple method, that I borrowed from Amanda Sorribes, which allows you to easily keep an electronic lab-book with no need of specialized software, and being as shabby as you would be with your paper notebook.

Summary of the method:

Implementation of the method:

Note to Matlab users:

Matlab has the option to publish the results of a script. The result is a document with the code, all comments of the script and the output (including figures) nicely arranged. You can use this tool to easily post your Matlab analysis in your lab book. To do it: (1) Publish your script in .doc format (type doc publish in Matlab's command window for help of how to do it. Recent versions of Matlab have direct shortcuts from the editor). (2) Open the .doc file in Word. In Word 2007 go to the Office button (roun button on the top-left corner) -> Publish -> Blog. Word will transform the document in a blog post that you can upload to Wordpress as described above.

My open lab books

Labbook 1: From February 2009 to December 2009. Among many other ideas, it contains work related to the following pulblications:

Labbook 2: From October 2009 to May 2014, also edited by Sara Arganda and Julián Vicente-Page. It contains work on Collective Behavior, especially regarding zebrafish experiments and tracking of multiple animals. Contains work related to the following publications: